About Us

Libertad Plateada is a small family business of accessories for everyone. Accessories that help you get Freedom or deal with the stress and anxiety we all experience at some point in our lives. Anxiety caused by school, university, exams, work, conflicts, money, family, etc. Our products will help you concentrate and release the tension of every day life.




“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” 

Anxiety Rings

Anxiety Rings

Here you will find beautiful rings to release anxiety. Release your anxiety... 

  • Great Deal

    Moon Phase and Moon & Stars, two beautiful Stainless Steel Fidget rings. If you are looking for a distraction you can always bring with you, this beauty is a must-buy.

    Moon Set 
  • 925 Sterling Silver

    These spinner band rings fidget peace rings will help you fidget everywhere while being gorgeous, and without distracting your surroundings. Meditation rings have anxiety-relief, and calming effects.

  • Cat Lover

    This pretty ring is a special jewelry piece for cat lovers. Fashion design suits for daily. Also can be used as a good spin relax toy, relieve tension and stress, good for ADHD/anxiety.

    Cat Lover